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Finding the right diet isn’y always easy. After studying nutrition and wellness, it was surprising to learn how many different options there were when it came to fueling your body. There are fad diets, eating habits based on calorie count, and diets based on morals, such as vegetarianism. Here are some examples, just to list a few:

  • The Paleo Diet: This diet consists of mainly lean meats, organic oils and fats, and vegetables. No added sugars or processed foods are allowed. It is a popular diet in the fitness community and is also called the “caveman” diet.
  • The Vegan Diet: This is very similar to vegetarian, but this diet allows no dairy. You cannot have cheese, milk, eggs, whey, and in a lot of cases honey is not acceptable. (It comes from an animal!)
  • The Gluten-Free Diet: This is the trendy new fad diet. There are some individuals who CANNOT eat gluten because their bodies cannot process it, but this is not the case for everyone. Gluten is just a protein that can be found in wheat, so there is really nothing bad about it. While cutting it out of our diet won’t hurt you, it may not necessarily benefit you, either. Many health food stores have started labeling products as ‘gluten free’ to make them seem more healthy, but it’s always important to check the ingredient list!

In conclusion, your diet should be whatever makes you feel the best. Nutrition has been said to account for at least 70% of your results when trying to lose weight. Most of this comes down to common sense choices. Try not to eat processed foods, and definitely keep fast food and sugars to a minimum. With that in mind, never completely deprive yourself of the things that you love. Eat healthy 90% of the time, and allow yourself that cheat meal one or two nights a week. There is no “right” diet to choose, besides whatever works for you and your body.