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Tips to Prevent Knee Injuries

For gym and fitness enthusiasts, knee injuries are very common. The fact of the matter is that knee pain can affect not only your workout sessions but your walking ability as well. Following are some tips and techniques that will help you prevent knee injuries during workout.

First, it is important to understand that legs are one of the most vital body parts when it comes to training. Many gym-goers are only interested in training their chest and biceps, neglecting their legs. In order to stimulate the growth, it is important to train your legs as well. While training your legs, following are the tips you need to follow to avoid knee injuries or ligament tears.

  1. Take your time when warming up

No matter which exercise you choose to begin your workout with, you must not start with heavy weights without a proper warm-up. For example, you should warm up your legs with light weight first and then go for the leg press.

  1. Never lock your knees in leg exercises

When you are performing a leg extension, a leg press like seated leg press or squats makes sure you do not fully lock out your knees. This is because locking the knee joints transfers the weight from your muscles to your joints. This causes extra stress on the knees, which can cause injuries.

  1. When performing cardio, think about your knees

When you have a knee injury or pain in the ligament, you must avoid exercises like running on the road or on a treadmill. When your feet slam any pavement, it can cause further damage to an injured knee. In such case, you might want to go for a stationary bike or an elliptical trainer, as they are easy on the knees. If you get hold of an elliptical trainer, you must lower the height (incline) as it will cause less stress on the knees. Make sure you are using it at a slow pace to avoid putting extra pressure on your knees.


Once you start following the tips and exercises listed above, you will be able to train your legs despite of having weak knees. If you not suffering from any sort of knee pain, these tips will prevent you from any serious problem in the future. Happy training!

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