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Work is important but not as important as your health and well-being. Here are some tips to keeping a strong, healthy back at work. To avoid posture-related injuries in your mid-back (thoracic spine) and in the surrounding muscles be sure to customize your workstation. Stand up desks are a great way to keep your back in shape during the workday. If a stand-up desk is not an option be sure to change positions and move efficiently to control stress on your back. 

If you sit for hours a day, be sure your feet are touching the floor, keep your knees and hips level and sit up to maintain a straight spine. Make sure your computer monitor is adjusted to keep you looking forward and adjust your chairs lumbar and armrests to uphold correct posture.

When lifting at work or at home you should always estimate the weight of the object that needs to be lifted and make sure that there is a clear path to move the object. Keep a wide stance and always remember to bend from the knees. Avoid twisting by pivoting from the hips and feet for less stress on your back.

If you regularly use a mobile device on the job be sure to sit up straight when reading or texting. Keep your mobile device at chest or eye level to decrease stress on your neck and back. Using a hands free device instead of holding the phone up to your ear will help maintain correct posture.

Do your best to keep active at work. Exercise for at least 30 mins, 3 times a week. You can fit this into lunch or before work. Take short breaks every hour, to relieve your back by getting up and walking to the water cooler or getting another cup of coffee. If possible make sure to perform a different task every hour or so to use different muscles to relieve your back.

Whether you are actively seeking physical therapy due to pain or an injury, or if you are looking for preventive measures to stay pain-free, the mentioned points above can help you out greatly.

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