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Everyone knows that water is necessary to keep ourselves healthy. Over half of our whole bodies are made of it, and it does so much to benefit our health. It promotes a faster metabolism and flushes toxins out. It’s debated how much water we should get every day, but a good way to tell about how much you should be getting is by weight. a good measure is to drink anywhere to half an ounce to a full ounce for every pound. for example, if you weight 120 pounds, you should drink between 60-120 ounces a day.



Some people get bored with regular water, and that’s totally fine! Adding lemon or fresh fruit to a bottle of water or infuser is a great way to switch it up. It also ensures that no extra sugars are being put into the water, unlike flavored waters at the store. Staying hydrated can help prevent kidney stones, help with weight loss, and improve digestive function. so what are you waiting for? Grab a glass of water and start improving your health!