Dr. Cary Costa, DPT, MEd

Specializing in Lymphedema, TMJ, Orthopedics, & Gait Analysis

Dr. Cary Costa, DPT, MEd is a graduate of Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with Magnum Cum Laude honors. Dr. Costa holds several advanced degrees including his Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Master’s in Education. His emphasis in school was orthopedics, lymphedema, and manipulation. His undergrad degree is in Biology, and he obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Western Oregon University. While at WOU he ran track and cross country, achieving academic and athletic all-conference status. Dr. Costa has taught biology, and coached track and cross-country at Capo Valley High School, Dana Hills High School, and with Mission Viejo High School’s running program. He was added in 2012 as an adjunct professor at Concordia University in their athletic training department. Dr. Costa is also a clinical instructor for Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant students.

Dr. Costa uses many manual therapy techniques and modalities, to make sure your therapy session is one that achieves the highest potential. He integrates state of the art modalities into his treatments, including the Deep Muscle Stimulation (percussion adhesion release), myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, TMJ intra-oral pterygoid treatment, therapeutic cold LASER, electrical stimulation TENS/EMS, ART, custom orthotics, lymphatic compression pump therapy, athlete recovery system, video feedback gait analysis, and a FULL RETURN Sports program, integrating a full weight and gym transition back to sport ready.

Dr. Costa has multiple publications and presentations, including at the national college of phlebologists. For his cutting-edge research on lymphedema therapy and new treatment protocols, with Mission Hospital Cardiac and Vein Group. He was also recognized for his outstanding treatment of TMJ patients, and he is currently working on publishing new protocols to help patients with plantar fasciitis and neuropathy.

Dr. Costa is the founder of the RUN MECHANICS program, where he educates other professionals and athletes on video feedback analysis with runners, and how to limit their injury and improve performance.