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One of the most important things you can do to preserve your greatest long-term health is to be active. But many of us these days live relatively sedentary lives and have 9 to 5 jobs. However, it’s not always simple to incorporate exercise and even modest activity into your daily schedule.

You could find it challenging to get the daily exercise you require due to a hectic schedule or a medical issue. Here are five simple strategies to remain active. These are also recommended by our physical therapy staff because they have all been successful in our clinic.

1. Find justifications for taking breaks at work.

If you work at a desk, you probably already realize how crucial it is to stand up and move around every so often. By no means are we suggesting that you take a day off from work, but it’s still crucial to exercise whenever you can!

During lunch breaks, you can stroll up and down the stairs or around the outside of your office. You may even perform basic stretches and exercises at your workstation. Even if you don’t have an outside job, you can still add periodic stretching and walking breaks to your regular schedule. If it’s possible, you can also hold conference calls while moving about the office or building.

2. Get a dog to motivate you to spend more time outside.

As much of a responsibility as dogs are, your health and wellness are just as important. Getting a pet, particularly a dog, will increase your level of general activity. If you have a pet dog or cat to play with, you’re more likely to like moving. Daily walks and time spent outside with your pet are great ways to acquire moderate exercise that is both enjoyable and beneficial. Additionally, having a pet may lessen loneliness, melancholy, and anxiety!

3. Strive to eat at home more often.

This can add up to a lot of activity when you factor in grocery shopping, pushing a cart, and cleaning up after a meal.

In addition to resulting in healthier food, cooking at home is a simple way to keep active and burn a few additional calories. More calories are used while standing up, moving around the kitchen, and chopping and mixing food than when you eat out.

4. Go for a walk!

You probably already know that one of the simplest ways to increase your physical activity is to go for a walk. However, do you take advantage of all the possibilities you have to walk? Instead of always using the elevators or remaining seated for extended periods of time, do you climb and descend the stairs in your house or apartment? Are you deciding to leave more space between you and the storefronts?

Even picking up the mail from the car window each day and walking to the end of the drive can make a difference.

There are some guidelines to remember that will motivate you to walk more.

Select Comfy Shoes — You won’t be as likely to walk long distances if your feet hurt from ill-fitting shoes. You might get assistance choosing the ideal shoes from a physical therapist.

Count Your Steps – A pedometer is a simple device that counts your steps. It’s a fun method to monitor your walking distance.

When you don’t feel like walking, walking with a companion will keep you accountable and keep you motivated.

5. Pay a visit to the PT!

One of OC Sports & Rehab’s expert physical therapists can create an exercise program that will increase your general strength, flexibility, and endurance. Physical therapy can have a variety of advantages, from improving athletic performance to enhancing daily tasks with increased ease and endurance.

Physical therapy can help treat chronic illnesses like arthritis and repair long-term injuries that never fully recovered. Physical therapy can make you feel more energized and help you stay active, even if your health is generally strong. Your activity level can be greatly increased by making a few small changes in your daily routine. Your health and general well-being can be enhanced by making these adjustments in addition to seeing a physical therapist.