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Most of the workforce involves sitting for extended periods of time. After a while, it can take a toll on the functionality and mobility of our bodies and leave you in pain. If you are an individual who primarily sits on the job, there are simple exercises you should practice each day to maintain mobility and keep your body in tip-top shape:

  1. Thoracic Extension
    This exercise is for mobility of your thoracic spine. Thoracic mobility is especially important for achieving and maintaining good posture. Movement of the thoracic spine is essential to be pain free in sports and modern-day lifestyles.
  2. True Hip Flexor Stretch
    This exercise is for mobility of the pelvis. Pelvis mobility is especially important for the proper functioning of the hip joint. Hip joints are meant to be more stable and less mobile than the shoulder joint, but it can still be harmful or limiting if the hip joint lacks its full mobility. Movement of the pelvis is essential to improve your range of motion and helps to prevent stiffness.
  3. Chin Nods
    The Chin Nod is essential for neck muscles and forward head posture. Over time, forward head posture can lead to imbalances when the body tries to adapt and hold the head up for forward vision. Some of the muscles become elongated and weakened, and some become shorter and tighter. The Chin Nod will help the forward head posture and neck muscles.
  4. Shoulder W’s
    This will help turn on your posterior rotator cuff and scapular muscles in one drill. The shoulder is important in everyday use; whether we’re pushing, pulling, or lifting things over our heads, we use our shoulders regularly.
  5. Glute Bridge
    This will help you focus on the glutes and their ability to extend the hips and take the pressure off your lower back. Also, it will help with your overall posture and control of the core.

If you are continuing to experience pain of any sort from sitting for extended periods of time, do not hesitate to give the front desk a call at OC Sports & Rehab. Our Foothill Ranch Physical Therapy providers are available to give you additional stretches and exercises to alleviate your pain and get you back to your most productive self! Call us today at 949-716-5050 to set up your first evaluation or a follow-up appointment!

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