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Having back pain in the morning, either because of sleeping in an awkward position or on an uncomfortable bed, is very common.

To keep your back loose and to rid yourself of morning back stiffness, try these exercises:

  1. Lie on your side with your knees up. Reach your upper arm back and to the side while keeping your hips on their side. Hold this stretch for 15 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
  2. Now roll onto your stomach. Press up your upper body so as to extend your lower back. Hold the stretch for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.
  3. Next, rise up into the 1/2 kneeling position. Holding a cane overhead, rotate your shoulders to the left and right while maintaining a tall posture. Repeat 10 times with each leg up.
  4. While standing, hold a cane overhead. Step forward while reaching your arms up and back to stretch the front side of your body. Make your body as tall as possible for this stretch. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times on each leg.

You can also see more videos of back exercises you can do at home by checking out our physical therapy videos.