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Many of the patients we meet at our physical therapy office hold desk jobs, yet it can be challenging to find the time to be active in sedentary settings. Unfortunately, a lot of people come to discover that their sedentary jobs have a negative impact on their health and ability to execute their jobs.

Do you need advice on how to enhance your physical activity? Check out these practical suggestions from our hardworking team of physical therapists!

  1. Addressing prior injuries. If you’re in discomfort, it’s challenging to concentrate and feel at ease at work. And even though we are aware that sitting for more than 7 to 8 hours a day is linked to health issues, the concept of boosting your physical activity can occasionally feel like a great challenge. You can identify and treat underlying health issues by speaking with a physical therapist. Our therapists don’t simply try to cover up the discomfort; they also utilize evidence-based, non-invasive approaches that help your body recover itself. Physical therapists may help you improve your posture, core strength, and other aspects of your health so you can operate more effectively both at work and outside of it. They can also give expert advice on ergonomic changes for your business.
  2. Use a pedometer. According to research, using a basic pedometer (you can get incredibly cheap models online and in sporting goods stores) can help you walk more each day. Such factual information can motivate you and encourage you to move more regularly than you might otherwise. You might even think about persuading a few coworkers to join the “pedometer club” and start a friendly competition to determine who can walk the most throughout an average workday or workweek!
  3. Use the workplace as a gym! Create strategies for moving more on and around your workspace. Can you park a little further away from the structure? Give a 10-minute walk around the school or neighborhood during your lunch break? lieu of using the elevator, use the stairs? Instead of sending an email or text, why not take a walk down the hall and talk to your coworker or employee?
  4. Drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water while working has several advantages, including maintaining the health of your tissues and joints, increasing focus, reducing headaches, and, yes, increasing the frequency with which you need to leave your desk to use the restroom.
  5. Perform quick workouts throughout the day. Stop what you’re doing at least once every hour and take a few minutes to perform some basic stretches or exercises. These can be completed in your office’s solitude or even in public (hey, maybe you’ll motivate your coworkers!). Ask a physical therapist to create a customized program for you that will take into account your unique demands and work requirements.

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