OC Sports & Rehab

Here are some of the top reasons why you need Physical Therapy and how it can help:

  1. You have pain that you do not know how to manage.  A Physical Therapist will evaluate your areas of pain and discomfort and then tailor a plan that works to restore function, improve mobility, and increase strength all at a pace you are comfortable with.  Physical Therapy is a 1:1 approach to a program that works specifically to target your pain. There is no generic plan that works for everyone. It is our goal to find what works for you! Therapeutic exercise and manual therapy combined with modalities like ultrasound, electric stimulation, and Kinesio taping are all techniques used in Physical Therapy to help relieve pain, restore mobility, and help pain from returning while providing an education and instruction through the entire rehabilitation experience.
  2. You don’t have a stretching routine.  A Physical Therapist can provide a complex stretching routine that targets all areas of the body and fits into your pre-existing daily routine that helps benefit your overall health and mobility. Tight muscles tend to cause other muscles to work harder and may lead to injury. Stretching gives the muscles time to relax and increases blood flow which promotes proper blood circulation.  Stand up to stretching. Physical Therapy can show you how!
  3. You want to improve posture.  Poor posture is an easy bad habit to fall into. It can often lead to head, neck, back, and shoulder pain.  The good news? Physical Therapy can help. Physical therapy can provide assistance with proper workplace ergonomics, corrective exercise designed to decrease pain and increase flexibility to help you get up and move around, and improve overall health avoiding your risk for chronic and painful conditions from poor posture over a long period of time.
  4. You have fallen more than one in the last year.  A PT will then tailor an exercise program designed to improve coordination, educate proper use of assistive devices, and practice balance techniques that carefully challenge the mind in body all under the direction of a healthcare professional.  Over a period of time, Physical Therapy will help you to get the right muscles to facilitate with standing and walking and improve strength in areas of weakness that may contribute to previous falls.
  5. You are planning to have or want to avoid surgery.  Physical Therapy is designed to eliminate pain and heal injury.  In ideal circumstances, Physical Therapy can help you avoid surgery all together.  In cases where surgery cannot be avoided, Physical Therapy can benefit you by assisting you be the strongest version of yourself going into surgery which can lead to overall faster and healthier recovery time.