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The Top 3 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Joint Pain Relief

You don’t deserve to spend every day in pain, and with physical therapy you may not have to!

Here are three reasons to work with a physical therapist for your achy joints:

1. A natural, holistic treatment method

Did you know that the CDC and other professional organizations officially recognize physical therapy as a safe alternative to pain-relieving medications like opioids?

Physical therapy has been proven research studies to be effective for alleviating chronic joint pain and may even help you cut down on your medication (with your doctor’s supervision, of course).

For example, non-invasive modalities like electrical stimulation, diathermy, or ultrasound used by physical therapists can alleviate spasms and naturally block pain signals.

This kind of short-term pain relief is valuable because it helps you participate in rehabilitation exercises and get better sleep, which we know is important for overall health and stress relief. But physical therapy can also help you achieve longer-term pain relief.

2. Physical therapy can provide you long-term relief

Beyond alleviating your joint pain and stiffness, a physical therapist also uses a variety of individually tailored techniques and services that can address the root causes of your joint issues.

In the long-term, this can help you avoid or minimize daily pain, slow disease progression, and even prevent your joint problem from getting worse.

Examples include:

  • Neuromuscular education techniques to improve your balance and reduce the risk of falls, which may otherwise exacerbate your pain
  • Prescription and fitting of custom orthoses, braces, and other devices to support, compensate for, and/or alleviate pressure on your affected joints
  • Therapeutic exercises and stretches to correct strength or mobility imbalances, promote tissue healing, and improve overall joint function and stability
  • Manual techniques like joint mobilizations and massage to improve joint alignment, reduce swelling and stiffness, and break up painful adhesions

3. A physical therapist is there every step of the way

When you work with a physical therapist, he or she becomes a partner in your healing and health.

By teaching you exercises, mindfulness techniques, lifestyle modifications, breathing techniques, and safer ways to function in your daily life, your therapist can empower you to prevent recurring issues and optimize your overall health.

With less pain, greater strength, and improved function, you gain more independence and support your caregivers, too.

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